Monday, September 26, 2011

News Autumn 2011

  Just booked a live show with Crucifiction in Livadeia (festival) for next summer,more details soon.Haven't played a show in almost 4 years!!In other news the Wargrinder cd 'The Seal of Genocide' will be released by Nykta recs (Greece) .I'm pretty excited about this because Nykta was the label that was originally interested in the material back in 2005 when it was recorded for the 1st time (only 7 tracks at the time though and terrible sound).They were very excited to listen to the re-recording.
  Got new material in the works and I want to see my older 'child' stand on it's feet.This way I can start building more carefully the next attack.The project with Matt from Trigon Aion is going steadily too,I'm expecting the guitar tracks with the click so I can take it to the studio and rehearse it.
  My powerlifting is well too,going up slowly.I train 3 times per week and now I weigh at 240 pounds.Lost a little weight due to my job but I'm trying to go back to 250.I get the chance to train in a gym were powerlifting champions train as well as strongmen,like Stefan Solvi Petursson and others.