Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back from Greece

Kept quiet for a while but I've been very angry since I came back from my "vacation" in Greece.Everything went wrong.I mean everything.I didn't get to do the new Wargrinder cd OR the Altars of Teshub promo.The show with Crucifiction was never completed since the bass player Spyros blew his knee out by stepping on a water bottle.At least his leg is better now, he had to have surgery for it...Rehearsed so much I barely got to see my family or my friends for that matter.

First time I complain on the net, seriously.Didn't think it would ever happen to me but it did.Spent nearly 2000 euros for nothing.Our luggage got held in Germany for 2 days and nobody would exchange our Icelandic Kr in Greece, until we got a deal an got ripped off about 100 euros fee.

The only thing I got out of this experience is that I'm not going back next year for another show.Unless somebody pays for my fucking tickets or at least a part of them.Next time I will play music with my band(s) will be HOPEFULLY in 2014.Another 1-2 years without music.Fucking sterile shit.I have material for 2 full cds for Wargrinder at least.That's all I can pretty much do up here.

I will have a LOT of things to do in Greece when I get back in 2014.A bunch of recordings.Here's a list:
1.Wargrinder 2nd full length cd.
2.Altars of Teshub full length cd
3.Crucifiction 2nd full length cd
4.Apocalypse Command 2nd full cd (not official yet)

Another thing I'm working on now is releasing the 3 demos from Wargrinder in a cd.Contacted a few labels, waiting for an answer.Probably will be released in 2013.As for Wargrinder's debut cd The Seal of Genocide
it's going great.I really didn't expect such acceptance.I'm almost out of my copies and from what Nykta recs told me they'll be out by the end of the year.Also there's gonna be a few new interviews soon so keep reading this blog for updates!!!

Check out the Wargrinder page here:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

News April 2012

Got a new endorsement from Silverfox drumsticks.The Livadia Exteme Fest will be on the 14th of July.Before that I'm gonna record the new full cd for Wargrinder,the 4 track promo for the new project Altars of Teshub,and of course rehearse with Crucifiction for the show.Busy summer.Here's an update on my links since they keep growing:
personal contact :

Sunday, March 25, 2012

New project lauched!

New project launched!!!
Formed in 2011 in order to deliver technical brutal death metal, Altars of Teshub will start recording for the debut promo cd this summer!With members from Trigon Aion,Adipocere,Crucifiction and Apocalypse Command, the material will be delivered with devastating impact!
The line-up is:

This is a virtual version of the kit that will be used for the drums recording

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Loads of news for 2012

A lot of things going on as always.Finished the material for the next Wargrinder cd in literally 2 weeks my brain was full of music so as soon as I got my Warlock shipped I got to business immediately.The material is more advanced in my opinion but not too far from the old stuff,I don't like big steps of progress as far as music goes,especially as a fan.Also it's pretty damn fast again, can't wait to let it out of my head.Gonna record it this summer along with the death metal project with Matt from Trigon Aion.I got a lot of work to do since I have to practice my songs on the guitar for Wargrinder, and of course practice on my drumming for both recordings, plus of course the Libadia festival with Crucifiction in July.
  Also the Seal of Genocide (Wargrinder) will be out very soon from Nykta Records (early February) so keep an eye on the blog and the myspace where I'm gonna upload some music as soon as it comes out.
   As far as Perdition Temple goes I won't be drumming for the band anymore due to the distance problems, so I will be doing the Apocalypse Command from now on.The drumming will be as intense as it was for Edict so no worries there.
   I also started a Youtube channel,the Crucifiction videos that I uploaded 5 years ago through sickdrummer got good support and a few complains as to where the hell is my new shit so I created this channel and uploaded lots of old stuff, and in a few months I'm  gonna post fresh stuff from this year.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 news

Decided to "shape up" the myspace profile after a long time. Several months ago I gave it another shot but I got so annoyed. Basically there's nothing you can do, just
chose between colors and move the frames up and down (whoopee) and shit like that. Whatever happened I don't know. Then I tried to fix the facebook page.I really don't
know why I even HAVE a Facebook page. I tried to add Crucifiction to my friends and I couldn't. I could only press the "Like" button. Exciting stuff. So when somebody
checks out the band's page they can clearly see that the band's own drummer likes it. Wonderful .

In other news the Wargrinder cd will be out in February, from what I perceived Nykta Productions is on it's t last steps before releasing it so I'm excited about that. Finished
all the lyrics for the next Wargrinder cd  ha can't even wait for the last cd to be released and already I got things prepared for the next one. The Seal of Genocide though has
about 80% old material (talking about 2003-2005) so all I had to do is re-record the whole thing since the original recording really sucked. Happy to compare and realize  that
after 6 years the new recording has a better production but of course my Venom addicted brain just HAD to "ruin" everything with an overall noisy result. The bass
guitar is fucking heavy and distorted just like Cronos likes it (I'm 30 years old and still retarded).

This year I got a lot of stuff to do, gonna sing in two tracks for Trigon Aion and in the summer I'm gonna do the Libadia Extreme Fest with Crucifiction, record the
drums for the project with Matt (Trigon Aion),and hopefully finish the next Wargrinder cd. Busy summer I know. The Hate Eternal cd kicked my ass. Loved it. Traded a bunch
of cds with Nykta. All black death metal. Long list, maybe I will extend on what the titles are later on. My wife got me Vital Remains Dawn of the Apocalypse and
Abominator Subversives for Lucifer in promo discs for Christmas (I love official promos) and I really enjoyed it cause I hadn’t listened to these 2 since 2008 when I sold my vinyls
so that was a pleasant reunion.

Monday, September 26, 2011

News Autumn 2011

  Just booked a live show with Crucifiction in Livadeia (festival) for next summer,more details soon.Haven't played a show in almost 4 years!!In other news the Wargrinder cd 'The Seal of Genocide' will be released by Nykta recs (Greece) .I'm pretty excited about this because Nykta was the label that was originally interested in the material back in 2005 when it was recorded for the 1st time (only 7 tracks at the time though and terrible sound).They were very excited to listen to the re-recording.
  Got new material in the works and I want to see my older 'child' stand on it's feet.This way I can start building more carefully the next attack.The project with Matt from Trigon Aion is going steadily too,I'm expecting the guitar tracks with the click so I can take it to the studio and rehearse it.
  My powerlifting is well too,going up slowly.I train 3 times per week and now I weigh at 240 pounds.Lost a little weight due to my job but I'm trying to go back to 250.I get the chance to train in a gym were powerlifting champions train as well as strongmen,like Stefan Solvi Petursson and others.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

News mid July 2011

Finished the lyrics for the project with Matt (Trigon Aion).Definitely the best lyrics I've written so
far.Gonna write lyrics for 2 songs for Trigon Aion with a very interesting concept,so I'm honored and intrigued to get to work.Gonna start practising on my drumming again in a few weeks.The Wargrinder cd is being stalled due to 'technical' reasons so hopefully I'm gonna have it in my hands in a while to work on it myself.
My powerlifting is going fine too,my legs are getting better and better.So far my numbers are not very good since I'm a beginning powerlifter so I have to keep working on it.My deadlift is at 200kg max (one rep) I guess it's a decent number.Trying to increase my benchpress (120kg full set reps)  and squats (120 kg last set 3 reps)so I'll post smth when it's worth posting ha!No promotion intended but the Apocalypse Command full cd kicks fucking ass!Old school and powerful.