Monday, September 26, 2011

News Autumn 2011

  Just booked a live show with Crucifiction in Livadeia (festival) for next summer,more details soon.Haven't played a show in almost 4 years!!In other news the Wargrinder cd 'The Seal of Genocide' will be released by Nykta recs (Greece) .I'm pretty excited about this because Nykta was the label that was originally interested in the material back in 2005 when it was recorded for the 1st time (only 7 tracks at the time though and terrible sound).They were very excited to listen to the re-recording.
  Got new material in the works and I want to see my older 'child' stand on it's feet.This way I can start building more carefully the next attack.The project with Matt from Trigon Aion is going steadily too,I'm expecting the guitar tracks with the click so I can take it to the studio and rehearse it.
  My powerlifting is well too,going up slowly.I train 3 times per week and now I weigh at 240 pounds.Lost a little weight due to my job but I'm trying to go back to 250.I get the chance to train in a gym were powerlifting champions train as well as strongmen,like Stefan Solvi Petursson and others.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

News mid July 2011

Finished the lyrics for the project with Matt (Trigon Aion).Definitely the best lyrics I've written so
far.Gonna write lyrics for 2 songs for Trigon Aion with a very interesting concept,so I'm honored and intrigued to get to work.Gonna start practising on my drumming again in a few weeks.The Wargrinder cd is being stalled due to 'technical' reasons so hopefully I'm gonna have it in my hands in a while to work on it myself.
My powerlifting is going fine too,my legs are getting better and better.So far my numbers are not very good since I'm a beginning powerlifter so I have to keep working on it.My deadlift is at 200kg max (one rep) I guess it's a decent number.Trying to increase my benchpress (120kg full set reps)  and squats (120 kg last set 3 reps)so I'll post smth when it's worth posting ha!No promotion intended but the Apocalypse Command full cd kicks fucking ass!Old school and powerful.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

News June 2011

Been up to a lot of things lately.Turned 30 on the 9th of June.
On the music side the Project with Matt from Trigon Aion is almost complete.
Wrote all the lyrics for it,Matt liked the ones I wrote for Perdition Temple so he was totally cool with me taking care of it.
The lyrics do have my stigma but differ from the ones in Edict of the Antichrist Elect.
This time I'm dealing mostly with the essence of Time as an entity,existence as taught by ancient greek filosopher Heraclitus.
The whole concept is harsh once again,but from a different angle.
In other news I discovered Magnus Ver Magnusson's gym here in Reykjavik and I'm totally excited about it.
Been lifting weights consistently for the last 4 years and got into powerlifting last year so we'll see how that goes...
Waiting for the Wargrinder cd to be finished.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

News March 2011

Been writing lyrics for the new project with Matt (Trigon Aion).Leg is still weak,I figure it will take some time to heal 100%.Been planning to move out of Greece with my wife for a few months now.Things in Greece have been going downhill for a couple of years now.Unemployment is at 15% now,and official statistics say it will reach 22% by next year.All the shit that's been going on with my country forces me, and pretty much every body I know to look deeper into the filth we as Greeks have created.Neglect.That's the word right there.It's not my fault.Blame Plato and Heraclitus for waking me up 12 years ago.Got some new cymbals from Saluda 2 days ago.Two 16'' crashes and a 8'' Voodoo Bell which I'm in love with and can't wait to use it in my bands.I'm planning to go nuts on the new project,I'm excited.
Below are the records that kept my brain busy in March.
1.Hate Eternal - Conquering the throne
2.Marduk - Plaguewielder
3.Obituary - The end complete
4.Impaled Nazarene - Rapture
5.Naer Mataron - Discipline Manifesto
6.Darkthrone - Ravishing Grimness
7.Terrorizer - World Downfall
8.Incantation - The forsaken mourning of angelic anguish
9.Dying Fetus - War of attrition
10.Nile - In their darkened shrines
11.Cannibal Corpse - The wretched Spawn
12.Morbid Angel - Gateways to annihilation
13.Slayer - Seasons in the abyss
14.Wargrinder - The seal of genocide
15.Perdition Temple - Edict of the antichrist elect
16.Crucifiction - Portals to the beyond

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Leg condition,bands that I listen to lately.

Started walking normally (and more) lately.Been doing some exersices at the gym to help my leg recover.I'm actually able to flex my quadricep so I can walk up stairs and squat my body wait without pain at this point.Been practicing on my drumming every few days.My swiveling is as good as ever but when it comes down to slower rhythms (under 220 bpm) I still have some difficulty.Heel up is hurting me still but heel down is fine since I mostly use my calves.

I have a lot of time in my hands lately so as I'm learning to use it's gonna look better and better.Wanna upload some paradiddles that I think are very helpful,beginner and advanced level.Got some videos on my myspace page at the videos section.They're pretty old but my form is decent so check them out.

Wanna get my hands on the Nailshitter,Hatespawn and Bloodstorm cds.Good stuff indeed.Lately I've been listening to (in no specific order) :
1.Dying Fetus : Descend into depravity
2.Perdition Temple : Edict of the Antichrist elect
3.Destroyer 666 : Defiance
4.Blood Storm : Death by the Stormwizard
5.Impaled Nazarene : Tol cormpt norz norz norz...
6.Absu : Absu
7.Crucifiction : Portals to the beyond
8.Suffocation : Blood oath
9.Deeds of Flesh : Crown of souls
10.Kataklysm : The temple of knowledge
11.Demolition Hammer : Epidemic of violence
12.Decrepit Birth : And time begins
13.Blasphemophager : ...For chaos,obscurity and desolation...
14.Wargrinder : The seal of Genocide
15.Disgorge : Consume the forsaken

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

News for 2011

Had a surgery on my right knee,appears that inner meniscus and ligament were torn.Will be recovering for a couple more weeks (a month total) and then back to practicing.Got a lot of ideas in my head,lots of plans I guess..

  I'm almost done with the recordings of my personal project Wargrinder (been around since 2000) where I play all the instruments and sing.It's old school death-black metal (yep,lots of blast beats)and I'm personally very excited to have it finally in my hands.Most of the tracks were composed in 2003-2004 with 3 more being newer.I never wanted to mix my drumming carreer and the project cause back in 2000 until 2003 it was deliberately raw and chaotic.I haven't played any drums for Wargrinder until today where I can scratch the guitar and bass a little better (I said a LITTLE better).This is why very few people know about Wargrinder.

  Anyway,I'm looking for a label to release my full cd which will be titled ''The Seal of Genocide''.Feel free to contact me here or alternatively :

  There's also a new project coming up.It's very early for me to say anything but it seems like it's going to be my fastest footwork so far,we'll see.Don't wanna spoil anything so stay tuned as we go.

  Check out the Perdition Temple and Crucifiction cd's fuckers!!!!!!!!!Let me know what you think.