Sunday, January 29, 2012

Loads of news for 2012

A lot of things going on as always.Finished the material for the next Wargrinder cd in literally 2 weeks my brain was full of music so as soon as I got my Warlock shipped I got to business immediately.The material is more advanced in my opinion but not too far from the old stuff,I don't like big steps of progress as far as music goes,especially as a fan.Also it's pretty damn fast again, can't wait to let it out of my head.Gonna record it this summer along with the death metal project with Matt from Trigon Aion.I got a lot of work to do since I have to practice my songs on the guitar for Wargrinder, and of course practice on my drumming for both recordings, plus of course the Libadia festival with Crucifiction in July.
  Also the Seal of Genocide (Wargrinder) will be out very soon from Nykta Records (early February) so keep an eye on the blog and the myspace where I'm gonna upload some music as soon as it comes out.
   As far as Perdition Temple goes I won't be drumming for the band anymore due to the distance problems, so I will be doing the Apocalypse Command from now on.The drumming will be as intense as it was for Edict so no worries there.
   I also started a Youtube channel,the Crucifiction videos that I uploaded 5 years ago through sickdrummer got good support and a few complains as to where the hell is my new shit so I created this channel and uploaded lots of old stuff, and in a few months I'm  gonna post fresh stuff from this year.

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