Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back from Greece

Kept quiet for a while but I've been very angry since I came back from my "vacation" in Greece.Everything went wrong.I mean everything.I didn't get to do the new Wargrinder cd OR the Altars of Teshub promo.The show with Crucifiction was never completed since the bass player Spyros blew his knee out by stepping on a water bottle.At least his leg is better now, he had to have surgery for it...Rehearsed so much I barely got to see my family or my friends for that matter.

First time I complain on the net, seriously.Didn't think it would ever happen to me but it did.Spent nearly 2000 euros for nothing.Our luggage got held in Germany for 2 days and nobody would exchange our Icelandic Kr in Greece, until we got a deal an got ripped off about 100 euros fee.

The only thing I got out of this experience is that I'm not going back next year for another show.Unless somebody pays for my fucking tickets or at least a part of them.Next time I will play music with my band(s) will be HOPEFULLY in 2014.Another 1-2 years without music.Fucking sterile shit.I have material for 2 full cds for Wargrinder at least.That's all I can pretty much do up here.

I will have a LOT of things to do in Greece when I get back in 2014.A bunch of recordings.Here's a list:
1.Wargrinder 2nd full length cd.
2.Altars of Teshub full length cd
3.Crucifiction 2nd full length cd
4.Apocalypse Command 2nd full cd (not official yet)

Another thing I'm working on now is releasing the 3 demos from Wargrinder in a cd.Contacted a few labels, waiting for an answer.Probably will be released in 2013.As for Wargrinder's debut cd The Seal of Genocide
it's going great.I really didn't expect such acceptance.I'm almost out of my copies and from what Nykta recs told me they'll be out by the end of the year.Also there's gonna be a few new interviews soon so keep reading this blog for updates!!!

Check out the Wargrinder page here:

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