Wednesday, February 9, 2011

News for 2011

Had a surgery on my right knee,appears that inner meniscus and ligament were torn.Will be recovering for a couple more weeks (a month total) and then back to practicing.Got a lot of ideas in my head,lots of plans I guess..

  I'm almost done with the recordings of my personal project Wargrinder (been around since 2000) where I play all the instruments and sing.It's old school death-black metal (yep,lots of blast beats)and I'm personally very excited to have it finally in my hands.Most of the tracks were composed in 2003-2004 with 3 more being newer.I never wanted to mix my drumming carreer and the project cause back in 2000 until 2003 it was deliberately raw and chaotic.I haven't played any drums for Wargrinder until today where I can scratch the guitar and bass a little better (I said a LITTLE better).This is why very few people know about Wargrinder.

  Anyway,I'm looking for a label to release my full cd which will be titled ''The Seal of Genocide''.Feel free to contact me here or alternatively :

  There's also a new project coming up.It's very early for me to say anything but it seems like it's going to be my fastest footwork so far,we'll see.Don't wanna spoil anything so stay tuned as we go.

  Check out the Perdition Temple and Crucifiction cd's fuckers!!!!!!!!!Let me know what you think.

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