Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Leg condition,bands that I listen to lately.

Started walking normally (and more) lately.Been doing some exersices at the gym to help my leg recover.I'm actually able to flex my quadricep so I can walk up stairs and squat my body wait without pain at this point.Been practicing on my drumming every few days.My swiveling is as good as ever but when it comes down to slower rhythms (under 220 bpm) I still have some difficulty.Heel up is hurting me still but heel down is fine since I mostly use my calves.

I have a lot of time in my hands lately so as I'm learning to use it's gonna look better and better.Wanna upload some paradiddles that I think are very helpful,beginner and advanced level.Got some videos on my myspace page at the videos section.They're pretty old but my form is decent so check them out.

Wanna get my hands on the Nailshitter,Hatespawn and Bloodstorm cds.Good stuff indeed.Lately I've been listening to (in no specific order) :
1.Dying Fetus : Descend into depravity
2.Perdition Temple : Edict of the Antichrist elect
3.Destroyer 666 : Defiance
4.Blood Storm : Death by the Stormwizard
5.Impaled Nazarene : Tol cormpt norz norz norz...
6.Absu : Absu
7.Crucifiction : Portals to the beyond
8.Suffocation : Blood oath
9.Deeds of Flesh : Crown of souls
10.Kataklysm : The temple of knowledge
11.Demolition Hammer : Epidemic of violence
12.Decrepit Birth : And time begins
13.Blasphemophager : ...For chaos,obscurity and desolation...
14.Wargrinder : The seal of Genocide
15.Disgorge : Consume the forsaken

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