Saturday, April 9, 2011

News March 2011

Been writing lyrics for the new project with Matt (Trigon Aion).Leg is still weak,I figure it will take some time to heal 100%.Been planning to move out of Greece with my wife for a few months now.Things in Greece have been going downhill for a couple of years now.Unemployment is at 15% now,and official statistics say it will reach 22% by next year.All the shit that's been going on with my country forces me, and pretty much every body I know to look deeper into the filth we as Greeks have created.Neglect.That's the word right there.It's not my fault.Blame Plato and Heraclitus for waking me up 12 years ago.Got some new cymbals from Saluda 2 days ago.Two 16'' crashes and a 8'' Voodoo Bell which I'm in love with and can't wait to use it in my bands.I'm planning to go nuts on the new project,I'm excited.
Below are the records that kept my brain busy in March.
1.Hate Eternal - Conquering the throne
2.Marduk - Plaguewielder
3.Obituary - The end complete
4.Impaled Nazarene - Rapture
5.Naer Mataron - Discipline Manifesto
6.Darkthrone - Ravishing Grimness
7.Terrorizer - World Downfall
8.Incantation - The forsaken mourning of angelic anguish
9.Dying Fetus - War of attrition
10.Nile - In their darkened shrines
11.Cannibal Corpse - The wretched Spawn
12.Morbid Angel - Gateways to annihilation
13.Slayer - Seasons in the abyss
14.Wargrinder - The seal of genocide
15.Perdition Temple - Edict of the antichrist elect
16.Crucifiction - Portals to the beyond

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