Saturday, July 16, 2011

News mid July 2011

Finished the lyrics for the project with Matt (Trigon Aion).Definitely the best lyrics I've written so
far.Gonna write lyrics for 2 songs for Trigon Aion with a very interesting concept,so I'm honored and intrigued to get to work.Gonna start practising on my drumming again in a few weeks.The Wargrinder cd is being stalled due to 'technical' reasons so hopefully I'm gonna have it in my hands in a while to work on it myself.
My powerlifting is going fine too,my legs are getting better and better.So far my numbers are not very good since I'm a beginning powerlifter so I have to keep working on it.My deadlift is at 200kg max (one rep) I guess it's a decent number.Trying to increase my benchpress (120kg full set reps)  and squats (120 kg last set 3 reps)so I'll post smth when it's worth posting ha!No promotion intended but the Apocalypse Command full cd kicks fucking ass!Old school and powerful.

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